ASTM A194 Stainless Steel 317L Nuts

Stainless Steel 317L Nuts are fasteners made from high-quality stainless steel, perfect for various industrial applications. A unique composition makes the material resistant to all forms of corrosion, making it the perfect material for use in corrosive environments and under diverse conditions. Stainless Steel 317L Nuts are a specific material used for fastener applications. Due to its unique properties, it is popular in high-performance, high-temperature, and corrosive environments. The material is highly resistant to corrosion caused by chemicals, salts, and acids. Stainless Steel 317L Nuts come in different shapes, sizes, and specifications with properties that make them suitable for applications in different fields of engineering and industry.

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Stainless Steel 317L Nuts are used in various construction and industrial applications. They are ideal for aerospace, marine, chemical, and petrochemical industries, requiring high performance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature capabilities. The fastener is used in roofing, fencing, metalwork, and structural engineering, thanks to its high tensile and yield strength. The medical and semiconductor industries also use stainless steel 317L nuts.

The stainless steel 317L nuts material has numerous benefits for industrial projects. One of the most significant benefits is corrosion-resistant properties. In environments with moisture, salts, and chemicals, stainless steel 317L nuts can withstand corrosion, perform at high-temperature limits, and offer exceptional durability. That makes it ideal for outdoor and indoor use and can save much money on maintenance costs in the long run.
In the aerospace and defense industries, stainless steel 317L nuts are suitable for aircraft, missiles, and other defense equipment. They are used in critical applications that require high-performance materials that can withstand corrosion and high temperatures. Stainless steel 317L nuts are also crucial in chemical and petrochemical installations where harsh chemical exposure and acid attacks pose corrosion issues. Unsurprisingly, the material is also popular among marine engineers that require nuts that can resist saltwater corrosion.

Stainless steel 317L nuts provide one of the best choices for industrial fastener applications. Their unique composition and properties make them ideal for corrosive, high-temperature, and chemical environments. As highlighted in this article, they offer great benefits in terms of durability, easy maintenance, and long-term cost savings.

Stainless Steel 317L nuts are made from an alloy primarily consisting of iron, chromium, nickel, & molybdenum. The composition typically includes 18-20% chromium, 11-15% nickel, 3-4% molybdenum, and a small amount of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon.

Stainless Steel 317L nuts find applications in various industries such as chemical processing, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, food processing, and marine environments. They are commonly used in equipment and structures that require resistance to corrosive media & elevated temperatures.

Stainless Steel 317L nuts offer excellent corrosion resistance, particularly in environments containing sulfuric acid, chlorides, & other harsh chemicals. They have high tensile strength, good creep resistance, and can withstand elevated temperatures.

Specification of Stainless Steel 317L Nuts

Spec bag
Specifications: ASTM A194 / ASME SA194
Standard: DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Length: 3 mm to 200 mm
Nut Size: M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes
Heat Treatment: Annealing, Stress Relieving, Case Hardening, Quenching and Tempering.

Types of Stainless Steel 317L Nuts

Stainless Steel 317L Hex Nuts

Stainless Steel 317L Hex Nut

  • - ASTM A194 SS 317L Hex Nut
  • - S31703 Hex Nut
  • - 1.4438 Hex Nut
  • - 317L SS Heavy Hex Nuts
  • - ASME SA194 SS 317L Hex Nut
  • - SS 317L Hex Nuts Supplier
  • - SS 317L Hex Nuts Manufacturer
Stainless Steel 317L Nylock Nuts

SS 317L Nylock Nut

  • - ASTM A194 SS 317L Nylock Nut
  • - S31703 Nylock Nut
  • - 1.4438 Nylock Nut
  • - 317L SS Nylock Nuts
  • - ASME SA194 SS 317L Nylock Nut
  • - SS 317L Nylock Nuts Supplier
  • - SS 317L Nylock Nuts Manufacturer
Stainless Steel 317L Wing Nuts

Stainless Steel 317L Wing Nut

  • - ASTM A194 SS 317L Wing Nut
  • - S31703 Wing Nut
  • - 1.4438 Wing Nut
  • - 317L SS Wing Nuts
  • - ASME SA194 SS 317L Wing Nut
  • - SS 317L Wing Nuts Supplier
  • - SS 317L Wing Nuts Manufacturer
Stainless Steel 317L Square Nuts

SS 317L Square Nut

  • - ASTM A194 SS 317L Square Nut
  • - S31703 Square Nut
  • - 1.4438 Square Nut
  • - 317L SS Square Nuts
  • - ASME SA194 SS 317L Square Nut
  • - SS 317L Square Nuts Supplier
  • - SS 317L Square Nuts Manufacturer

Equivalent Grades for Stainless Steel 317L Nuts

SS 317L S31703 1.4438 - X2CrNiMo18-15-4 SUS 317L

Stainless Steel 317L Nuts Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Mo Ni Fe
SS 317L 0.035 max 2.0 max 1.0 max 0.045 max 0.030 max 18.00 - 20.00 3.00 - 4.00 11.00 - 15.00 57.89 min

Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel 317L Nuts

Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
7.9 g/cm3 1400 °C (2550 °F) Psi – 75000 , MPa – 515 Psi – 30000 , MPa – 205 35 %

Application Industries

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemicals Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automobile