Monel 400 Stud Bolts

Stud Bolts are completely threaded rod used for bolting different components together, making them able to perform a task unitedly. Nitron Alloys Overseas is an eminent manufacturer of different types of Stud Bolts made of different materials. We offer Monel 400 Stud Bolts at reasonable rates with the outstanding services. We manufacture them in bulk quantity to fulfill their increasing demand.

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Monel Alloy 400 Stud Bolts that Nitron Alloys Overseas offers are excellent for many applications across the industrial and domestic sectors. Monel 400 is a high strength nickel-copper alloy known for offering high corrosion resistance. This alloy is highly machinable and can be formed in any shape and design using conventional manufacturing methods. This makes the Monel 400 Stud Bolts made out of it a cost-effective option for using in highly critical conditions. They are offered with special quality finishing and zero structural defects. These Nuts can be used in applications where the surrounding temperature ranges between sub-zero temperature to 480-degree C.

The world-class manufacturing unit having first-class machines and tools assure the precise measurements of the Monel 400 Stud Bolts. Their production process is performed by able staff using premium quality Monel 400 alloy. With our extensive experience, we are extremely capable of manufacturing Monel 400 Stud Bolts in customized designs alongside the standard ones. The confirmation of product design and specification meeting customer’s requirements is given by the supervising team comprising proficient engineers and field experts. Nitron Alloys Overseas have managed to reduce the cycle time for some manufacturing operations resulting in increased productivity.

Nitron Alloys Overseas assure high-quality Monel 400 Stud Bolts by inspecting them for their usability under various working conditions. We have designed a quality assurance plan. Under this plan, the Stud Bolts are sent through the quality tests. the quality norms are already set, and we allow only those Stud Bolts to make their way towards customers that satisfy these norms.

Customers can rely on us for their urgent requirements, and we are prepared for that. We always deliver orders in committed time with all safety measures. The consignments are printed with some necessary information like quantity, material, specifications, lot no., etc.

Specification of Monel Alloy 400 Stud Bolt

Spec bag
Spec Stud Bolts
Specifications: ASTM F2281, ASTM B164 / ASME SB164 / SF2281
Standard: DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
Length: Upto 1 Meters
Stud Bolt Size: M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes
Heat Treatment: Annealing, Stress Relieving, Case Hardening, Quenching and Tempering.

Types of Monel 400 Stud Bolts

Monel 400 Threaded Stud Bolts

Monel Threaded Stud Bolt

  • - ASTM F2281 Monel 400 Threaded Stud Bolt
  • - N04400 Threaded Stud Bolt
  • - 2.4360 Full Threaded Stud Bolt
  • - 400 Monel Heavy Threaded Stud Bolts
  • - ASTM B164 Monel 400 Threaded Stud Bolt
  • - Monel 400 Half Threaded Stud Bolts Supplier
  • - Monel 400 Threaded Stud Bolts Manufacturer
Monel 400 Heavy Stud Bolts

Monel Heavy Stud Bolt

  • - ASTM F2281 Monel 400 Heavy Stud Bolt
  • - N04400 Heavy Stud Bolt
  • - 2.4360 Heavy Stud Bolt
  • - 400 Monel Heavy Stud Bolts
  • - ASTM B164 Monel 400 Heavy Stud Bolt
  • - Monel 400 Heavy Stud Bolts Supplier
  • - Monel 400 Heavy Stud Bolts Manufacturer
Monel 400 Tap End Stud Bolts

Monel Tap End Stud Bolt

  • - ASTM F2281 Monel 400 Tap End Stud Bolt
  • - N04400 Tap End Stud Bolt
  • - 2.4360 Tap End Stud Bolt
  • - 400 Monel Tap End Stud Bolts
  • - ASTM B164 Monel 400 Tap End Stud Bolt
  • - Monel 400 Tap End Stud Bolts Supplier
  • - Monel 400 Tap End Stud Bolts Manufacturer
Monel 400 Flange Stud Bolts

Monel Flange Stud Bolt

  • - ASTM F2281 Monel 400 Flange Stud Bolt
  • - N04400 Flange Stud Bolt
  • - 2.4360 Flange Stud Bolt
  • - 400 Monel Flange Stud Bolts
  • - ASTM B164 Monel 400 Flange Stud Bolt
  • - Monel 400 Flange Stud Bolts Supplier
  • - Monel 400 Flange Stud Bolts Manufacturer

Equivalent Grades for Monel 400 Stud Bolt

Monel 400 2.4360 N04400 NW 4400 NA 13 МНЖМц 28-2,5-1,5 NU-30M NiCu30Fe

Monel 400 Stud Bolt Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni
Monel 400 0.30 max 2.00 max 0.50 max 0.024 max 28.00 – 34.00 2.50 max 63.00 min

Mechanical Properties of Monel 400 Stud Bolts

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Monel 400 8.8 g/cm3 1350 °C (2460 °F) Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550 Psi – 35,000 , MPa – 240 40 %

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