Inconel 625 Tee

Inconel 625 is a widely used nickel-based superalloy renowned for its incredible strength and resistance to corrosion. The aerospace and chemical industries rely heavily on this metal, and one of its most common components is the Inconel 625 Nut. This small but mighty hardware is essential to many machines and structures.
Inconel 625 Nuts are available in three standard types: hex nut, heavy hex nut, and nylon insert lock nut. The hex nut is the most commonly used and can withstand temperatures up to 2000°F, making it ideal for aerospace and marine applications. The heavy hex nut is thicker than the standard and has a larger diameter for increased strength. The nylon insert lock nut is designed to prevent loosening from vibrations and is commonly used in automotive and machinery applications.

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Inconel 625 Nuts are widely used in industries that require high strength and corrosion resistance, such as aerospace, marine, chemical, and oil and gas. In aerospace, Inconel 625 nuts are used in jet engines, exhaust systems, and turbine blades. In the marine industry, they are used in seawater applications, while in the chemical industry, they are used in chemical processing equipment. The oil and gas industry uses them in downhole drilling and offshore platforms.

One of the most significant benefits of Inconel 625 nuts is their exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. They can withstand extreme heat and pressure and resist corrosion from highly acidic or alkaline environments. Furthermore, they have low thermal expansion rates, making them capable of withstanding thermal cycling. Inconel 625 nuts are also immune to chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking, a significant risk in seawater applications.
While Inconel 625 nuts are renowned for their resilience and durability, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure longevity and prevent failure. Ensure that the nuts are correctly tightened and torqued to the manufacturer's specifications and avoid over-tightening, which can lead to thread damage and fatigue failure. Additionally, it is essential to inspect the nuts for signs of damage or wear and replace them if necessary.

Thanks to their strength and corrosion resistance, Inconel 625 nuts are crucial in various high-stress environments. Their ability to withstand extreme conditions has made them a popular choice in the aerospace, marine, and chemical industries and a reliable alternative to other metals.

Inconel 625 Tees find applications in various industries, particularly in demanding environments requiring corrosion resistance and high strength. They are commonly used in chemical processing, oil, and gas, marine, & aerospace industries.

The chemical composition of Inconel 625 typically consists of nickel (58%), chromium (20-23%), molybdenum (8-10%), iron (5%), niobium (3.15-4.15%), & traces of other elements.

Inconel 625 Tees sizes typically range from small to large, and the specific dimensions conform to industry standards such as ASTM and ASME. The dimensions include the inlet size, outlet sizes & the overall dimensions of the tee, which can vary depending on the specific design and application.

Specification of Inconel 625 Tee

Spec bag
Buttweld Tee
Specifications: ASTM B366 / ASME SB366
Dimension Standard : ASME/ANSI B16.9, ASME B16.28, MSS-SP-43
Tee Range :1/8" - 48"
Type : Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated
Thickness : Schedule 5S, 10S, 20S, S10, S20, S30, STD, 40S, S40, S60, XS, 80S, S80, S100, S120, S140, S160, XXS and etc.
Form : Equal Tee, Pipe Tee, Butt weld Tee, Barred Tee, Lateral Tee.

Types of Inconel 625 Tee

Inconel 625 Equal Tee

Inconel 625 Equal Tee

  • - ASTM B366 Inconel Alloy 625 Equal Tee
  • - N06625 Equal Buttweld Tee
  • - 2.4856 Equal Buttweld Pipe Tee
  • - 625 Inconel Alloy Equal Tee
  • - Inconel® Alloy 625 Equal Tee
  • - Alloy 625 Equal Tee
  • - Nickel Alloy 625 Equal Tee
  • - ASME SB366 Inconel 625 Equal Tee
  • - Inconel 625 Equal Tee Supplier
  • - Inconel Alloy 625 Equal Tee Manufacturer
Inconel 625 Unequal Tee

Inconel 625 Unequal Tee

  • - ASTM B366 Inconel Alloy 625 Unequal Tee
  • - N06625 Unequal Buttweld Tee
  • - 2.4856 Unequal Buttweld Pipe Tee
  • - 625 Inconel Alloy Unequal Tee
  • - Inconel® Alloy 625 Unequal Tee
  • - Alloy 625 Unequal Tee
  • - Nickel Alloy 625 Unequal Tee
  • - ASME SB366 Inconel 625 Unequal Tee
  • - Inconel 625 Unequal Tee Supplier
  • - Inconel Alloy 625 Unequal Tee Manufacturer

Equivalent Grades for Inconel 625 Tee

Inconel Alloy 625 N06625 2.4856 NCF 625 NC22DNB4M NA 21 ХН75МБТЮ NiCr22Mo9Nb

Inconel Alloy 625 Butt weld Tee Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr
Inconel 625 0.10 max 0.50 max 0.50 max 0.015 max - 5.0 max 58.0 min 20.0 - 23.0

Mechanical Properties of Alloy 625 Tee

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Inconel 625 8.4 g/cm3 1350 °C (2460 °F) Psi – 1,35,000 , MPa – 930 Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 517 42.5 %

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