Different Applications Of Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings are components used to join pipe sections together with other fluid control products such as valves and pumps to form pipelines. Fittings are commonly associated with metal and plastic pipes used to transport fluids. Pipe fittings of other types can also be used to connect pipes for handrails and other architectural elements where a leak-proof connection is not required. Pipe fittings can be welded or threaded, mechanically joined, or chemically adhered, to name a few common mechanisms, depending on the material of the pipe.

The terminology surrounding the terms pipe, tube, and tubing are somewhat inconsistent. As a result, the term pipe fittings will occasionally be used in conjunction with tubing as well as pipe. Pipe fittings, while similar in shape to tube fittings, are rarely joined using methods such as soldering. Some methods overlap, such as the use of compression fittings, but where compression fittings are common for connecting tubes or tubing, their use in pipe connections is uncommon. While there are general distinctions, the common usage of terms can differ from supplier to supplier, even when they represent the same items.

Types of pipe fittings:

  • Elbow Pipe Fittings 

If it is necessary to change the direction of the pipe, Stainless Steel ASTM A403 WP 317L Elbows are used. These are available in a variety of angles, including 900, 450, and 22.50. Furthermore, if the attachment pipe and the main pipe are the same diameters, normal elbow threaded pipe fittings are used; otherwise, a reducer elbow is used. The usage ensures that the pipe can reach any location within the unit without difficulty.

  • Reducer Pipe Fittings

Reducer threaded pipe fittings are another type of fitting that is important in many places. These conical, concentric-shaped devices are used to either reduce or increase the flow of liquid. Another type of reducer in this category is the parallel-edged reducer, which provides a smooth flow of fluid without accumulating air inside.

  • Tee Type Pipe Fittings

When the system requires one outlet and two inlets or two outlets and one inlet, these Tee threaded pipe fittings are used. Its 900 design ensures proper and smooth liquid flow. These are essential components of the piping industry.

  • Cross-Type Pipe Fittings

The cross-type pipe fitting is another intriguing pipe fitting. It can connect four different pipes and ensure smooth fluid distribution by having four openings in four different directions. This cross fitting, which is most commonly used in sprinkler systems, causes stress on the pipe due to temperature changes.

  • Coupling

If a pipe is leaking or broken, the coupling can be used to fix the problem. Couplings are available in two types: slip and compression, and they have the same diameter on both sides. These couplings are used in industries and public places to repair long, damaged pipes.

  • Adaptor Pipe Fittings

Adaptor threaded pipe fittings are yet another essential accessory in the plumbing industry. It is used when there are no plain or special ends on the pipes. Adaptors are commonly used in PVC or copper pipes and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including male adaptors, female adaptors, male hose adaptors, tube to hose adaptors, and AN male adaptors.

  • Plug & Cap

Despite their different names, both perform the same function: they close any piping system. The difference, however, is in the thread pattern. While threads are present on the outer surface of a plug, they are present on the inner surface of a cap. As a result, the material should be chosen carefully.

Application of pipe fittings

Pipe and pipe fittings are inextricably linked. Pipe fittings, like pipes, are used for a variety of residential, public, and industrial applications. No pipes can be connected unless proper fittings and flanges are used. Pipe fittings allow pipes to be installed, connected, or joined as needed and terminated in the proper location.

Pipe fittings are a diverse group of products that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Various new products are manufactured as a result of rapid developments in the field of industrial fittings and ongoing research in this industry. Some fittings have special features that allow them to be manufactured using different principles, such as hydraulics or pneumatics, based on the end-use. Fittings encompass a diverse range of products based on the various applications to which they are decided to apply.

Different Applications Of Pipe Fittings

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